Establishment date: Military Lubricants Manufacturing Factory was officially inaugurated and brought into operation on December 16, 2005

Main product: Engine, hydraulic, industrial, gear; Grease; heat-resistant grease; Storage grease and petrochemical products for military and military engines; Oil cutting, anti-rust ... supply to the mining and metalworking industries.

Annually, Military Lubricants Manufacturing Factory produces nearly 60 petrochemical products with a total capacity of up to 15,000 tons. Of which, production for Ministry of National Defence reaches about 7,000 tons including all kinds of grease, with estimated revenue from 420 billion to 440 billion. The quality of petrochemical products not only meets the strict requirements of the Military, gaining high trust from domestic customers but also receives recognition from foreign organizations. Besides focusing on improving the quality, the factory is constantly researching and diversifying products to meet the increasing demands of the market both within and outside the Military.

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