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Having its 1 basement and 26 floors divided into two areas: hotel - serviced apartments area and shopping mall and of these comprising its public utilities area, Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang is an  all-rolled-in- one complex, the complex is on a total area of 4,570m2, of which 2,564m2 is for construction area and 1,362m2 is for traffic and public systems; the total construction floor area is 30,865m2 and the construction density is 59%. The project has a total investment of VND 600 billion, and is expected to be completed and brought into operation in the 2sd Quarter, 2017. Initially, the project is co-invested by Corporation 319 and MIPEC; however, Corporation 319 then transferred its investment to General Import and Export Van Xuan Corporation (VAXUCO) - Ministry of National Defence. Since then VAXUCO, together with MIPEC, has become a co-owner of the project. The project is designed, implemented and managed by reputable domestic and foreign contractors: Hoa Binh Construction and Real Estate Corporation, Ascott International Management Limited – a member of CapitaLand Limited, Noor Vietnam Company Limited

Website: http://www.citadines.com/vietnam/nha-trang/citadines-bayfront-nha-trang/index.html



Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang is finishing interior details (as of February, 2017). 


Vị trí

Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang is situated on a "golden" land near the beach at No. 62 Tran Phu street, Loc Tho ward. This is considered as one of the most beautiful street in Nha Trang.

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