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16/12/2005, Military Lubricant Factory was officially inaugurated and went into operation. With production capacity of 15,000 tons of lubricants per year and a high-quality processing line, Mipec provide over 60 types of lubricants, serving the needs of National Defense and civil markets (the main products include lubricants for engine, hydraulic motor, industrial machines and bevel gear; grease, heat-resistant grease, multipurpose grease etc). Now, lubricant produced by Mipec has been gradually replacing imported lubricant, making up a large amount of the total lubricant used yearly by the National Defense. Rotex lubricants brand has also won the confidence of the civil market.

With the distribution system increasingly expanded, Mipec developed many kinds of lubricant to provide to the civil market and the specialized product lines to serve in mining field and metal machining field. Mipec lubricant was given the Quality Certificate by America Mineral-Oil Institute, affirming its quality according to international standard. Mipec also cooperated with Bao Viet insurance to introduce product liability insurance to protect customers’ benefit.

For more information, kindly visit website: http://daunhonmipec.vn/

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The Military Lubricants Manufacturing Factory is situated at No.4 Bach Dang – Hong Bang district – Hai Phong.

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