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MIPEC GOLF CLUB was inaugurated in August, 2015. The complex includes: practice area, support service area and Golf institute with modern facilities.

The practice area has a 250-yard grass practice range divided into 52 lanes supplied with advanced equipment. The ground, practice mat, ball and light are of highest quality for the golfers to hone their skills.

The service area comprises Luogo Café to provide food and beverage, and Pro Shop to provide golf instruments and materials.

Pure Performance Golf institute equiped the most developed technology in golf training with profesional coaches, leading experts in golf in Vietnam. Golf institue is the first and only instrument appliance alignment center of two famous brand Titleist and Ping in Vietnam.


Vị trí

MIPEC Golf Club is situated at No. 8 Le Trong Tan street (the new number is 268), near the Truong Chinh – Ton That Tung intersection.

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